Custom-made fly screens for windows and doors

We are committed to quality, customisation, and sustainability. Together, we will find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

Are you searching for an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to keep insects out? Or perhaps you have pets and need a durable (sliding) fly screen that they won’t damage? We are here to assist you.


Clearview: insect screen with high transparency

At, we are big fans of clearview insect screen. Why? We believe that a fly screen should be not only functional but also beautiful, elegant, and virtually invisible. Who doesn't want to enjoy the view outside when the sun is shining?

 With clearview insect screen, bugs cannot get in, but you still maintain your clear and transparent view outside. 

  • Made of glass fibre
  • Very thinly woven
  • Higher see-through rate guaranteed
  • Excellent protection against all insects

Petscreen: ideal protection for homes with pets

Do you have pets like cats and dogs at home? If so, you're likely familiar with their fascination with fly screens. They often signal their desire to go outside (or come back in) by scratching at the fly screen or jumping against it. And yes, they might just scratch for the sake of scratching, even if you're not too fond of it.

 However, there’s no need to worry. You can choose a Petscreen, a special type of mesh designed specifically to withstand your pet's enthusiastic behaviours. 

  • Made from extra strong polyester mesh
  • Stronger and more resilient than standard mesh
  • Flexible and won't deform when your pet jumps against it
  • Ensures proper ventilation
  • Sustainable and easy to maintain

Sustainable in all senses of the word

By exclusively using high-quality, Belgian products, we not only aim to satisfy our customers but also to keep them satisfied over time. Our products are exceptionally sustainable in every sense of the word.



All our products are durable and built to last,  because we believe that only the best will do, ensuring that you can enjoy your fly screens for a long time.


The aluminium profiles we install are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly option. As a company, we prioritize sustainability by choosing recyclable materials, contributing to the circular economy and minimising waste. The longevity and recyclability of our products help us promote a cleaner and more sustainable living environment.