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Invisible and efficient fly screens

Fly screens are essential in any home or office space. Nobody likes unwanted visitors like mosquitoes or other insects indoors. But you also don't want to obstruct your beautiful view outside. The solution? A fly screen.

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How can a fly screen be virtually unnoticeable?

While functionality is key, aesthetics are equally important for a fly screen. Everyone loves to enjoy the view outside when the sun shines, but no one wants mosquitoes or flies inside their home. That’s why our fly screens are the perfect solution!

With clearview insect screen, bugs cannot get in, but you still maintain your clear and transparent view outside. 

  • Very thinly woven
  • Higher see-through rate guaranteed
  • Excellent protection against all insects
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Fully customisable

With a fly screen, it is hugely important that it fits your window perfectly. That is why we make everything completely customised. And by this, we don't just mean dimensions.

Of course, dimensions are what matters most. That is why we always come and measure everything in detail first. We can do this during our first meeting, so no time is lost and you can quickly enjoy your fly screens. 

Besides, you can also choose the colour you prefer. All our profiles are available in all RAL colours. So you can match it to the colour of your window frames.

And lastly, you could go for the petscreen quality. Do you have pets at home? Then this might be the right choice. Made of extra strong polyester mesh, Petscreen is stronger and more resilient. Making it impossible for your pets to break this fly scree!   

  • Best quality
  • Fully customisable
  • Beautiful look
  • Sustainable

User-friendly and convenient fly screens

Our fly screens not only boast quality but are also designed for easy assembly and disassembly. With a straightforward click system, you can effortlessly install or remove your fly screen by yourself. This is particularly convenient during spring cleaning when your windows need a thorough wash.

 Additionally, these fly screens are designed to remain in place even when the window is closed, so there's rarely a need to remove them.

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Also for windows with parapet

Even for windows with (mandatory) parapets, we offer a range of tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to your situation.

We always take into account the current applicable Belgian legislation and know perfectly well what is possible and what isn’t, as well as what is allowed and what is not. 

Our fly screens are carefully designed and installed to meet these requirements, while keeping insects out and ensuring optimal airflow as well as comfort in your home.

A fly screen installed in 5 steps

Speed and quality go hand in hand. Enjoy your fly screen in no time.

  1. Contact us via the website or give us a call.
  2. We make an appointment to come and see you. We prepare your quote right there and then. We take all measurements on the spot. 
  3. You confirm your order by mail or phone. 
  4. We make an appointment for the installation.
  5. Your products are ready. Time to install your fly screen window or door!

Why choose vliegenraam.com?

Always fully customised

All our fly screens are custom-made. We begin with a precise measurement at your home, after which you can select the colour of your fly screen door from the entire range of RAL colours. Typically, we match the colours to your existing windows to ensure a seamless and detailed integration.

Best quality made in Belgium

We choose Belgian! All our materials are produced in-house in Belgium. This allows us to guarantee you the best quality and limit extra costs. It is also environmentally friendly: win-win!

Minimum visibility

Our fly screens are virtually invisible, meaning that the view to the outside remains unobstructed, while still keeping all insects out. This is how you bring the outside in, without the accompanying inconveniences.