Vliegendeur Elegance

Fly screen for doors: a must on hot days

Imagine: Summer is here, the sun is shining, and your door is wide open to the patio or garden. In such scenarios, a fly screen is essential to keep insects out.

You have the option to choose from classic, elegance, or elegance plus models, which can come with or without an automatic closure pump system. We are more than happy to provide personalised advice to help you make the best choice.

  • Feather-light aluminium profiles
  • Fixed on current door frame
  • Very light yet incredibly strong
  • Available in all RAL colours

Catering for all tastes: 3 types of fly screens for doors



The Classic fly screen is a timeless choice for households looking for efficient insect protection. 

  • Screw-assembled construction
  • Classic look 
  • Solid fastening
  • Horizontal handle
  • Metal-coloured pump (optional)
  • Pet flap possible 


The Elegance fly screen exudes sophistication and adds to the entire look of the home. 

  • Fully mitred construction
  • Aluminium inner corners
  • Aesthetic added value 
  • Horizontal handle 
  • Pump in selected RAL colour (optional)
  • Pet flap possible 

Elegance Plus

The Elegance Plus fly screen offers an advanced solution for households seeking maximum functionality and a clear view to the outside.

  • Fully mitred construction
  • Aluminium inner corners
  • Vertical handle
  • Unobstructed view to the outside
  • Pump in selected RAL colour (optional)

We go for maximum transparency

A fly screen door is obviously a functional product, but we think it is important not to forget the aesthetic as well. Together with you, we choose the appropriate customised product and go for maximum transparency.

We ask a number of questions:

  • Which kind of fly screen is most suitable in your situation?
  • What do you think is important in terms of aesthetics?
  • Do you have pets? If so, it is best to opt for petscreen. 

We think it is hugely important to explore together with you what the best option is. We always give honest, tailor-made advice.

Why choose a fly screen door?

Protection against insects

The most important reason to choose a fly screen door: keep the bugs out! Fully enjoy fresh air in your home, while still keeping these pesky intruders out.


Improved ventilation

Ventilate your home without worrying about insects flying in. So you enjoy a constant supply of fresh air, which can contribute to a healthier and more pleasant living environment.

Preserving views

Our fly screen doors are virtually invisible, meaning that the view outside remains unobstructed, while still keeping all insects out. This is how you bring the outside in, without the accompanying inconveniences.

A fly screen door installed in no time

Speed and quality go hand in hand. Order your fly screen in just 5 steps.  

  1. Contact us via the website or give us a call.
  2. We make an appointment to come and see you. We prepare your quote right there and then. We take all measurements on the spot. 
  3. You confirm your order by mail or phone. 
  4. We make an appointment for the installation.
  5. Your products are ready. Time to install your fly screen window or door!