Repair of fly screens for windows and doors

Our fly screens for windows and doors are exceptionally high-quality products, yet unexpected issues can still arise that may require a repair.  Fortunately, we are here to help!

Do you have a problem with a fly screen not supplied by us? We're also more than happy to repair these if possible.

Types of repairs


Remeshing or replacing the mesh

The mesh of a fly screen for windows or doors can be damaged by cracks, holes or deformation. In this case, it is necessary to replace the mesh to restore effectiveness. Has your pet broken the mesh? It may be a good idea to replace it with pet screen.


Frame or profile repair

The fly screen frame can be damaged by corrosion, deformation or breakage, for example. We can repair it on site or order a new frame and replace it, if necessary.


Problems with accessories

Sometimes, certain accessories may fail to function properly, such as the locking mechanism or the hinges. Whenever possible, we replace these with new ones, so you don't have to replace the entire fly screen. 


Full replacement

Sometimes it is not possible to just replace or repair certain parts and you need a completely new fly screen for windows or doors. We provide personalised advice tailored to your needs, ensuring you know exactly where you stand from the start.

Getting your fly screen for windows or doors repaired: advantages


Repairing your fly screen is obviously cheaper than a completely new one. If it is possible to fix this, you will avoid the total new cost.

Extension of lifespan

Timely repairs can significantly extend the lifespan of your fly screen. By quickly addressing minor issues, we prevent further wear and tear and damage.

Maintaining functionality

Through prompt and effective repairs, we ensure that your fly screen maintains its full functionality. This allows you to continue enjoying a living environment that is free of insects and well-ventilated.


How do we handle repairs?

How do we handle repairs?

Initially, we visit your site to see what the options are. It's essential for us to understand the situation accurately, and the best way to do this is by seeing it firsthand.

If feasible, we perform the repair right there and then. For instance, we can install new mesh immediately on the spot.  Pleated blinds are an exception; these need to be taken back with us. 

If an on-site repair isn't possible, we will take the fly screen to our workshop for repair.

In cases of storm damage or damage caused by others, it's advisable to contact your insurance broker before our visit.