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Custom-made pleated fly screens

A fly screen fits every window and door, that’s for sure. Because we make everything completely custom-made and meticulously measure the profile depths, we can offer a solution for every project. Pleated fly screens are hugely versatile and can even be used for Velux windows. 


Pleated fly screens: the ideal choice for your home

You might assume that pleated fly screens aren't an option for certain windows or doors, but that's not true at all! Pleated fly screens are a versatile solution and often the best choice. 

  • They feature pleated fabric that opens and closes smoothly and easily, offering several benefits.
  • The fabric folds compactly, occupying minimal space
  • Can be installed on any window or door, including Velux windows.
  • They are favoured for their ease of use, durability, and aesthetic appeal
  • Both a practical and stylish way to keep insects out.

The ideal solution for Velux windows too

Make sure no insects can enter through your skylight or Velux. Our pleated fly screens for Velux are designed with seamless integration in mind, to fit perfectly with your existing Velux skylights.

With the same attention to detail and quality as Velux products, our pleated fly screens offer excellent insect protection, so you can fully enjoy a comfortable and insect-free environment.

  • Functional
  • Aesthetic
  • Quality

Why choose a pleated fly screen door?


Pleated fly screen doors and fly screens with a sleek and elegant design that blends seamlessly into different interior styles. Pleated fly screens add a touch of sophistication to your windows and doors.

Ease of use

The pleated mechanism of these screens makes them very easy to operate. With just a light touch, they can be opened and closed effortlessly, giving you easy access to your windows and doors.


When not in use, pleated fly screens for windows and doors can be folded compactly, taking up minimal space. This is especially useful for places where space is limited, such as at French doors or windows opening onto a terrace or balcony.

A pleated fly screen in 5 steps

From ordering to installation: enjoy your pleated fly screen in no time. Speed and quality go hand in hand.

  1. Contact us via the website or give us a call.
  2. We make an appointment to come and see you. We prepare your quote right there and then. We take all measurements on the spot. 
  3. You confirm your order by mail or phone. 
  4. We make an appointment for the installation.
  5. Your products are ready. Time to install your fly screen window or door!